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All we do is drink coffee, play music, read and dream.

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Aquarius explaining themself…




Anonymous asked: Do Aquarius have fear of real intimacy and love? I think they do but why is that?



Aquas have a part of themselves that they will always keep hidden from the world. They refuse to be owned. It scares them that someone might take away their freedom. They don’t want to be with someone if it means losing themselves; they want love to be freeing, not something that puts them in a box. They want someone to respect their minds and hearts and be a person in their life that understands how they express affection. I think that Aquas see romance movies and see other people’s relationships and are terrified— But when they meet the right person that won’t try to trap them, they’re fully capable of love and intimacy. :)

Reblogging this from myself because one of my Aquarius friends(aspiringsorcerer) saw this post and told me “I know in my case at any rate, its not a fear of intimacy or love, but a fear of vulnerability that comes attached to those things. To give into love is to reveal some of our deepest emotions, which we can’t even understand properly. To let another know just how sensitive and fragile we can be. and if there is any doubt about that vulnerability being used against us or not properly understood, then its a no go. at least, that’s my take on it.”
It’s always wonderful to talk to Aquarians and gain new insight!

Growth is painful. Change is painful.But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.

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